Friday, October 9, 2009

Why This Blog?

I've been blogging on one subject or another for years and years but this blog has come about because I am at a place in my spiritual journey where I am finally realizing I am anything but the conventional, conservative, Southern Baptist Christian that I was raised to be and I'm thinking that there must be others on this journey of faith who are realizing they too are "Unconventional Christians".

What is an "Unconventional Christian"? Well, in my experience it's someone who is unwilling to simply accept the tenets of conventional American Christianity in one or more areas even while being quite orthodox and conservative in others. Simply put we are the ones your preachers warn you about. We are the ones who insist on questioning everything and on refusing to be silent when the name of the Lord we Love more than anything else is used as weapon on others. We are the ones so aware of our own brokenness that we dare not assume that others broken in different or more visible ways are beyond the Love of God. To do so calls our own salvation into question as well. Each of us will be Unconventional in our own unique ways because God created us as unique individuals even here we won't always agree with one another. It is my hope that we can dialogue and disagree with respect and Love. There will hopefully be a few others on the team as this blog gets rolling but for now it is just me and my contemplations of life, the universe and everything.


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  1. Thanks, T-Bear, for inviting me to share this journey. I cannot think of better company along the way. I thank God for you!