Sunday, June 20, 2010

scandal and rainbows

So there's a big scandal in my city about a local mega-church (Which happens to be Baptist) refusing to let a baseball team use its fields because their coach is a lesbian.

Which is SUPER UN-CHRISTIAN. "Jesus loves everybody, and we want to show that through our sports facilities, OH WAIT but not to YOU." Yep. That's clearly in the Gospels. TOTALLY. This is me rolling my eyes.

Dumbasses. And to think my grandma and dad are going to church their tomorrow. Gag me with a homophobic spork.

Anyways, they have a HUGE 4th of July thing every year. Thousands and thousands of people go, and sit on their sports fields and watch fireworks.

And I'm seriously considering finding all the rainbow stuff I can and wearing it, along with a t-shirt that says "Jesus loves everyone." Who there would dare disagree with that? Why not spread the love, even among some of the most narrow minded people in town?

Or else I may just not go, because the thought of being on their property and so many people who agree with their policies seriously makes me want to vomit/cry...

I guess we'll see.

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